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Zara- Trinidadian Feast

Meet home cook Zara, a schoolteacher, jewelry-maker, and the photographer behind Less Than 10, a project showcasing black and ethnic minority educators in the UK. Eli had the honor of being photographed by Zara and showcased for Less than 10 earlier this year, and now it’s our turn to shine the spotlight on Zara! On Episode 15, we get a taste of Trinidad and an introduction to indo-Caribbean history.

Zara cooked us up a Trini feast! We had: macaroni pie, potato salad, steamed plantain, brown stew lamb and a side of rice, and my personal favorite, buss-up shut. This flaky roti is a staple in Trinidad and Tabago. The flat bread is broken up hot off the tawa with special wooden spatulas and served alongside EVERYTHING. Named 'buss up shut' in vernacular because it resembles a 'busted up shirt!' Yum! TOO GOOD.

Like the lovely hostess and passionate educator she is, as we ate, Zara walked us through some of the Trini dishes she grew up with, and we learned about the island’s history, its people, and their many cultures. It was a heavy meal. And a heavy discussion. We talked about empire, colonization, the transatlantic slave trade, indentured servitude, and promises of a better life—and we explored how this history is reflected in Trini food.

This is an informative episode you just don’t want to miss. Be sure to check out Zara’s work on Less than 10, her photography business Shots by Zar, and her jewelry making side-hustle Sha Jewelry !

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