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Seyi - A Jamaican Dish with a Nigerian Twist

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Meet Seyi, a good friend and an equally good cook. Believe me, when I say, Seyi puts on a bangin barbecue and can throw it down in the kitchen!

On our very first episode of This Food Bangz, Seyi welcomes us into his home in Northwest London but takes us all the way to Jamaica as he whips us up one of his favourites, Brown Stew Chicken.

Catch Seyi’s skillz in the kitchen—look at that plastic bag rice cooking method only the pros can master!—look at how juicy his chicken came out!—and at just how that sauce came together!—and can we talk about the mac n cheeze plz?! What is the secret ingredient, tell us Seyi! THIS FOOD BANGZ!

He’s been kind enough to provide us with the ingredients for his Brown Stew Chicken. Find the recipe here:

As we sit down over this bangin meal, Seyi tells us of how he found his passion for cooking. He gives us a glimpse into how his mixed Jamaican and Nigerian heritage has influenced the flavours he experiments with and the fusion dishes he cooks up.

Two things are clear, he loves a scotch bonnet and couldn’t live without Nigerian Guinness... Ladiez, he’s single (as of August 2020).

Check out Seyi’s Youtube episode and podcast for more!

You won't be disappointed.

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