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Naveen- Dhaba@49

Updated: Jan 31, 2021


Traditional North Indian Cuisine and Fusion Dishes

49 Chippenham Rd, London W9 2AH


Get your passport ready. We’re going to India! North India to be exact. Naveen, co-owner and Head Chef at Dhaba@49, takes us to his native Punjab in Episode 3 of This Food Bangz and gives us the inside scoop on his journey through London’s restaurant industry.

London is synonymous with…well, curries. People traveling far and wide know this city is a hub for world cuisines but always seem to associate it with its booming Indian restaurant scene. And we know why. If you are lucky enough to call London home, you might have a favourite restaurant and a go-to dish that comes to mind--but if Dhaba@49 is not on the list, you need to fix up! Based in Maida Vale, Northwest London, this restaurant was (like so many good things) a total surprise. A hidden gem we stumbled across on our way to another destination. You might have passed it a thousand times (like we have), but, after this bangin review, you’ll want to make it your next stop!

Since its opening three years ago, Dhaba@49 has consistently been top-rated and even made it onto Rohit Ghai’s list of Top 5 Indian restaurants in London. Named after the roadside food stands that line a typical Indian thoroughfare, Dhaba@49 specializes in dishes from North India.

It is no wonder an entire section of the menu is devoted to chaat, savoury snacks! Whether you go for the dhaba mix, the somasa chaat, the dahi sevpuri or anything in between, you are in for a treat—crunchy, spicy, covered in tamarind sauce! Yes! Please! And it is easy on the eyes, isn’t it? If you are in want of a curry, Naveen and his staff make some of the best butter chicken there is to offer and let’s not forget the other northern classics, lamb rogan josh, karahi lamb, and chicken saag (among others). They also serve a variety of vegetarian curries and vegan dishes, tandoori dishes, and biryanis. And the breads—roti, naan, prantha, kulcha—they’re all there. Believe me, all of these breads are delicious, but, whoever is manning the tandoor oven in the kitchen is a BEAST! The naan stands on its own! Dessert is also a must. The gajar halwa, a spiced carrot dessert (if you don’t know, now you know), is Oh M Ghee-melt in your mouth-comfort on a spoon-good. This food bangz!

I (Olivia typing) have been to countless Indian restaurants across London, and I type this with sincerity and conviction, Dhaba@49 is bang for your buck.

It offers top-notch Indian dishes with style. It is no Green Street. It is no Whitechapel. (Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place for a good cheap night out in both of those places!) Dhaba@49 is authentic, quality, fine dining in a comfortable, friendly, warm and inviting setting. The service is impeccable, and the staff is friendly. This is the real deal. Dhaba@49 makes for a fantastic night out.

In the third episode of This Food Bangz, we get to know co-owner and Head Chef, Naveen. He tells of just how and where he developed his passion for cooking and how it eventually led to the creation of Dhaba@49. Naveen takes us along his journey, from his beginnings in India’s hospitality industry to his arrival in London and his forays in this city as a restaurateur.

Grab a glass of chai. Tune in to This Food Bangz! And let’s get to know Naveen and just how he’s establishing himself and Dhaba@49 as top names in Indian dining!

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