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My Man Nick can Cook?! Yes. HE. CAN!

What to say about my boy Nick…Yes. He’s a family man. Yes. He’s put in those long hours as a hard workin area manager. Yeah, He may look like an upstanding citizen today, but if you only knew Nick in his formative years as a uni LAD (make sure you read that emphasis on lad), you might rethink the innocent babyface you’re looking at. All jokes aside, Nick is really a great guy.

On Episode 7 of This Food Bangz, I catch up with Nick 10 years after our university experience. We discuss our schooling, life after uni, career progression, getting on the property ladder, and fatherhood. Nick is REALLY ADULTING! (Some of us are still out here trying to make our way there) And Nick—who was known to go from rave to rave living on a strictly cheese puff and super noodle diet—is now a surprisingly good home cook.

Nick whips us up a bangin Mexican style chicken dish. Quick and easy to make. Easy to eat. Cheap and healthy. What more can a working parent ask for? This meal bangz! And we’re happy to showcase this one. Let me tell you what’s on my plate: spiced and marinated chicken seared to perfection, sautéed peppers, onions, and mushrooms, homemade guacamole, and lime infused basmati rice. Simple. Delicious. This is one of those meals you know is going to be a crowd pleaser. Be on the look out for Nick's Mexican Chicken recipe!

As we sit round the table, Nick shares with us his motivations for eating healthy. We hear how he wound up in the kitchen in the first place and how important youtube was on his culinary journey. Between bites, Nick gives us sage advice about what it takes to make it in the real world. And surprise! It’s not always that uni degree.

Nick is proof that it is hard work and determination that pays off. He is a driven and accomplished father and family man if I ever saw one—the kind of guy that deserves to be showcased.

Make sure you tune in for Episode 7 and show my boy Nick some love.

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