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Healthy 'Preppd' Meals Saved My Life by Nosa

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Meet Nosa she is a pharmacist by day and a meal prep caterer by night. She is the owner and founder of Preppd a London based meal prep service where she provides healthy homemade delicious meals freshly prepared, packed and delivered right to your doorstep.

In my latest episode on YouTube (See video below) She gives a detailed account into the importance of healthy eating in times of COVID. Nosa gave a sobering account of how she made the transition from eating unhealthy and being overweight to being a fitness fanatic. This gave her the added motivation to start Preppd. It was during her fitness journey where she discovered that healthy eating was mundane and it didn’t have to be, Nosa identified that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring therefore she started experimenting with recipes and started making meals with low fat, low calories and most of all tasty!

Many would say that Meal prep is a saturated marketed so why go into this business, well meal prepping has become a nationwide problem in 2018 25% of UK population said they don’t have the time to cook because they are overworked, 16% of UK said admitted to cooking for themselves less than once a month. Its fair to say that Brits have fallen out of love with being in the kitchen and its probably why 66% of adults are overweight. These statistics demonstrates that Nosa has identified a gap in the market.

We find out more about Nosa as she tells us the challenges she’s had to face as an NHS worker during lockdown and how healthy eating helped her overcome her battle with COVID19, over a plate of pizza. She reiterated that the pizza she cooked was very low in fat and its 'good carbs with low glycaemic index'.

I know what you are thinking… how its pizza healthy? well Nosa's mantra is eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Watch the video and find out Nosa’s dietary and nutritional hacks when it comes to healthy eating and how we can get away with eating pizza & Ferrero Rocher. Trust me healthy eating BANGZ especially when its cooked by Nosa I will be ordering my containers soon and I won't feel any type of way about it.

If you would like to get in contact with Nosa about meal prep or order a box you can reach her via Instagram:

To find out more about Preppd and Nosa check out the video below.

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