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Francis- Swedish Meatballs with a Ghanaian twist

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

On episode 14, we visit the home of one of our favorite London-based podcasters, Let’s Do Humans, aka Francis, and got to know the man behind the ‘poddy’ (?! just roll with it. We’re making poddy a thing). This home cook rolled up his sleeves and whipped up something special for us. He made a dish that surprised us—but it really shouldn’t have. He took us to SCANDINAVIA?!

We sat down and got the low down on Francis’ life story, and then it all made sense. He was born in Ghana to Ghanaian parents, immigrated with his family to Sweden where he spent his childhood, and then made the move to London as a teenager. He has a lot of traveling, a lot of life experiences, a lot of grappling with identity, and a whole lot uh eating under his belt. His knowledge of different cultures and cuisines comes to light in the kitchen. MAN CAN COOK!

He made us Swedish meatballs, lingonberry sauce, and a hassle back SWEET POTATO?! You know this British/Swedish/Ghanaian had to switch it up and put his personal touch on this dish!

It may not look it, but this dish was rich. The savory and sweet came together perfectly.

Check out Episode 14 to see Francis in the kitchen and tune in for a great discussion about third culture kids, about forming identities, and about making moves as a creative. And be sure to check out Let’s Do Humans podcast. Each episode is entertaining and thought provoking. Francis does not disappoint.

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