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Eman- Serving Smilez

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

On Episode 9 of This Food Bangz, Eman, aka Smiley (when you see the episode you’ll know why), invites us over for a BANGIN bowl of seafood linguine! We learn what motivated Eman to travel, live, and work across Australia. And over a big munch (note Eli’s mouthful of pasta at 1:42), he shares some stories and life lessons from his journey that keep him motivated and driven today.

I gotta admit when Eman told us he was going to make pasta, Eli and I did a double take. But no word of a lie, this food bangz—and you better believe we’re here to tell you if it doesn’t!

Even more of a head-scratcher was the fact that Eman made this creamy dish with no dairy products! We here at This Food Bangz are naturally skeptical of vegan cheese (read vegan everything) for obvious reasons. That being said, Eman used vegan eggs, milk, butter AND CHEESE to create a linguine that held together quite nicely. Prawns, mussels, cherry tomatoes, diced courgette and parsley made for a dish with vibrant colour and flavours. We gotta give it to him.

From his new pad in Finsbury Park, Eman gives us some real insight into his attitude toward life. He’s a go-getter. And we’re taking his motto, ‘do it right now,’ and running with it (don’t come at us Nike). He says anything you think you might want to do, do it. Go after it. Don’t hesitate. And that is just what he did when he picked up and left for Australia a few years back.

Eman shares with us how his experience living, working, and traveling across Australia pushed him to do a lot of self-reflection and learn about himself. Who is Eman? Watch the episode and find out.

And ladies, he’s a bachelor, but he ain’t living that bachelor lifestyle. I beg you look! He’s got those real china plates and actual wine glasses at the ready, and you already know he wants to give you that fine dining experience!

All jokez aside, we thank Smiley for opening up his home to us, showing us his skillz in the kitchen, and for being so candid about his life experiences.

Watch Episode 9 for a taste of what Eman's cookin up!

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