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Betty's Tapas & BREXIT

Betty’s Spanish Tapas

In this episode we leave the ends and we end up in Lincoln to meet home cook Betty from the Spanish capital, Madrid.

Betty gives us a taste of home as she prepares tapas. What is tapas in Betty’s world? Betty claims that tapas is an evolution of all the Spanish food combined. It is believed that tapas started in Seville and they would use tapas set to cover the wine to keep the flies away. Tapas means to cover, now it has evolved and its now considered to be a snack or an appetizer and can sometimes be combined into a full meal.

Betty came to the UK for a better education and a better life. Betty came to the UK at the height of referendum and she settled into life in Lincoln when UK opted to leave the European Union.

Betty cooked some iconic dishes such as chorizo la sidra, Spanish omelette and croquettes and not only did it look aesthetically pleasing, it tasted incredibly delicious.

Whilst we chopped it up Betty opened up about the trials and tribulations she’s had to endure as a foreigner coming into the UK during BREXIT. So what is it like to be a foreigner living in a county that was very much pro Brexit. Betty was openly honest in saying that she didn’t come to UK to settle and claim benefits, she came to the UK to work because of this she is contributing to tax. She went onto say that “I do the jobs, British public wouldn’t even go near…I am contributing to the economy”.

Trust me Betty gives a sobering account of her transition from Spain to the UK you don’t want to miss this one.

Click on the video to find out more or go on my YouTube to find out more.

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