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Eli - Your Host w the Most

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

|n year 4 I moved from Ghana to Harlesden, Northwest London. Everything was new to me. There were lots of Africans there in those times—from all over Africa. And Jamaicans and that. People from all over.

My mum made Ghanaian food at home—imagine me taking sardines, kenke and

stew to school for lunch. ⠀

At a really young age I was aware of the different things people around me were eating. I was curious about how they made them. It made me think about where they were from and what it was like.

The Covid-19 lockdown allowed me time to reflect, strategize and hone in on my passions. Through conversation with friends and some cutting up over a meal, This Food Bangz was born. I'm excited to take you with me as I eat my way across the UK and beyond and we learn more about the chefs and home-cooks whippin up bangin food.

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